The company

PROMETHEIOS is a consultancy company in the Information Technology field specialized in the development of management software and in the creation of CSM aimed at the functioning of complex web platforms.

For more than 7 years, the company has gained considerable experience in the development and implementation of technological solutions in over 10 countries and works, day after day, to guarantee customers solutions that are stable and advantageous over time.

Who we are


The key to the company's success is our mutual collaboration: we can aim for the maximum but it is important to do so by using what we believe to be our best skills in the Information Technology sector


The company encourages a sense of responsibility and autonomy by creating an important leeway in decision-making and constantly promotes the corporate entrepreneurial spirit.


PROMETHEIOS, as a modern and innovative company, offers flexible working hours, guarantees continuous staff training in the use of the system and in compliance with equal opportunities.
Who we are


PROMETHEIOS considers every single relationship with the customer as a personal collaboration based on the values of understanding, transparency and mutual trust.

The contact with the customer is direct and guarantees the company the possibility of offering, in its consultancy services, solutions that are excellent and satisfying for every single complex requirement.

Honesty, quality of analysis, concreteness and attention to detail are the hallmarks of PROMETHEIOS.